Planetary Gearbox

GFT450 Track Drive Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearbox is a kind of reducer with wide versatility. The inner gear adopts low carbon alloy steel carburizing quenching and grinding or nitriding process. Planetary gearbox has the characteristics of small structure size, large output torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency, safe and reliable performance, etc. The inner gear of the planetary gearbox can be divided into spur gear and helical gear. Customers can choose the right precision reducer according to the needs of the application.

Planetary gearboxes are widely used for materials handing equipment, engineering machinery,metallurgy industry,mining industry,petrochemical industry, construction machinery,textile industry, medical apparatus and instruments, instrument and meter industry,automobile industry,marine industry,weapons industry, aerospace field,and so on.

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GFT450 Track Drive Planetary Gearbox is an ideal driving component for wheel or track driving vehicles and other moving equipment. It is widely applied in excavators, spreading machines, drill machines, mobile crushers, engineering machinery, mining, tunnel machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. Meanwhile, different motor connectors and dimensions are available on request. It is an ideal replacement for Rexroth products.

Features of GFT450 Track Drive Planetary Gearbox:

◆Integer. multi-disc parking brake
◆Optional for mounting Rexroth fixed or variable motors (A2FM/E, A6VM/E, A10VM/E)
◆Interchangeable with Rexroth on performance and dimension.
◆More than 80% of components can be interchanged with Rexroth’s (planet gear, Cageless planetary gear bearing, planet carrier, ring gear, and so on).

Technical parameters:

Type/Version GFT 7 T2 GFT 9 T2 GFT 13 T2 GFT 17 T2 GFT 17 T3 GFT 24 T3
Output Torque T2 Max Nm 7000 9000 13000 17000 17000 24000
Ratio  I 30.9-62.6 38.3-47.6 16.3-60.2 6.4-54 78-102.6 90.1-137.2
Hydraulic Motor A10VM45 A10VE45 A2FE56 A6VE55 A10VE63 A10VM45 A2FE63 A6VE55 A2FE56 A6VE55 A2FE63 A10VE45
Weight without Motor (approx.) kg 45 67 92 90 105 115
Type/Version GFT 26 T3 GFT 36 T3 GFT 50 T3 GFT 60 T2 GFT 60 T3 GFT 80 T2
Output Torque T2 Max Nm 26000 36000 50000 60000 60000 80000
Ratio I 42.9-62 67-161 66.3-146.4 23 94.8-197 55.5
Hydraulic Motor A2FE90 A6VE80 A2FE90 A10VE80 A2FE125 A6VE107 A6VM220 A2VE125 A6VE107 A6VM220
Weight without Motor (approx.) kg 155 170 220 205 260 570
Type/Version GFT 80 T3 GFT 110 T3 GFT 160 T3 GFT 220 T3 GFT 330 T3
Output Torque, crane T2 Max Nm 8000 110000 160000 220000 330000
Ratio  I 76.7-185.4 95.8-215 161.8-251 97.7-365 168.9-302.4
Hydraulic Motor A2FE180 A6VE160 A2FE180 A6VE160 A2FE180 A6VE160 A2FE180 A6VE160 A6VM355 A2FE355 A6VE250
 Weight without Motor (approx.) kg 405 505 680 1370 1250